Here is the Tri-Color! this little guy is fluffy, loves sleeping (and eating), and its absolutely handsome. He is the biggest of the brothers. This beautiful Tri Color Miniature Aussie was born from two Toy Miniature Australian Shepherds. It is very likely he will be a Toy Miniature Australian Shepherd. Whelped at a weight of 6.9oz.

A couple unique things about this guy: He was born with a natural full size tail. We are choosing not to dock the tail for any potential buyers that may want a mini that does have a tail. Also we are donating the money that we receive for this puppy to The CHP 11-99 Foundation. The 11-99 Foundation’s main purpose is to provide emergency benefits and assistance to CHP employees and their families and scholarships to their children.

More about what we know as we are blessed with the opportunity to take care of this little guy and find his home:  He loves to be pet. He is very ticklish right now and he enjoys playing. He has what appears to be two very beautiful eyes coming in. He has very good stature and his tail is full size and gives him a very beautiful look.

He is for sale at $1700 USD. We require a $500 non-refundable deposit. All out-of-area payments must be made via money order or cashiers check. Payer name must match drivers license of buyer. Local residents who are interested in the puppies may pay in cash. Puppy will have its first round of shots and worming.



This page will be updated as the puppies grow.

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